Would you recognise this?

  • You are a poet and suffer stagefright
  • You are a speaker, you can be very tense
  • You are an actress, you lack creativity
  • You have a desire to be authentic

Lydia Petzoldt helps individuals find insights for more presence,
to build trust in themselves and above all, find ones playfullness. The tool: Empty space!


This website introduces the Fools-work in the Empty Space

it gives information on the when and where of these workshop-events

it informs you about the facilitator Lydia Petzoldt

and elaborates a bit more about her work.

In this video, Lydia tells us that she saw an interview with John Cleese in which he explains how he teaches managers to play more by discovering the “fool” in themselves.


The Fool is a most fascinating figure, because he is in the moment
The fool is a hero (heroine) to us because she dares to be
in the emptiness with nothing to support her, and therefore anything can arise.


The goal is to become more of you

Release your inner fool.
The Fools journey, is a journey into one’s own landscape, it is a hero’s journey.
Starting point is the fact that each of us has a personality which consists of different selves.
A few of these selves are dominant in our life, many of them are hidden and not even known.

In order to become more of your honest self in your daily life, or on stage, it helps to get to know these selves, what their stories are and how they function in you.

In several instances I have witnessed the way Lydia interacted with a group of people, intensively concentrated on a subject connected with their work without making any progress. By simple “surprise” games, she made a transformation in the atmosphere of the group from heavy to playful , from passive to creative… That was when we became unstuck.

Erica Sapir, Owner, Puppets without borders
mimenzo empty space

mimenzo empty space

Because I wanted to take a closer look at my stage fright, I took a workshop Empty Space by Lydia, a few months ago. Here I learned to improvise in an empty studio, under her guidance.

The empty space represents a stage, but also your own head, where all kinds of beleifs and critical voices, often limit you. Everything is allowed in the empty space; running away, hiding, recite, testing my voice, making sounds, come out, dance, burp, laugh, cry, start over, relax. Lydia gives you handles by asking questions, and dares me to actually go into stuff.

She asked me to physially ‘become’ one of my thoughts. Take the space. At the end of the workshop this space was far less scary for me. I would therefore wholeheartedly recommend this workshop!

Berneke Klein Santvoort - may 2019

Having Lydia as a coach has been a gift and a privilege, one that I could never be grateful enough for. Some of the exercises had become crucial resources in my process of self-growth. Lydia is a unique human being, deep, wise, with a spirit that will touch your soul and invite it to take the steps I needed to take. She gently but firmly allowed me to make my own connections, to take a crucial step in the path of my self-transformation, of understanding myself better.

Lydia zorgt voor creatieve verrassingen
Lydia kan mensen laten ervaren dat iets dat moeilijk leek, toch gemakkelijk kan. Dat de levenslust dichterbij kan zijn dan je zou vermoeden. Zij kan volwassenen in contact brengen met het levenslustige en creatieve kind in hen. Onder zeer hoge druk, heb ik mensen oplossingen met haar zien vinden die ze zelf niet voor mogelijk hadden gehouden. Ik vraag altijd Lydia om een onderdeel van het programma voor ons team te verzorgen tijdens seminars en ‘heidagen’. Door haar manier van werken krijgt ze, na een zware dag, iedereen aan het lachen en aan het spelen. Ook introduceerde ze een werkvorm die het team hielp om inzicht te krijgen in de belemmeringen die zij zelf creëerden, waarna ze weer verder konden. In leersituaties geeft Lydia volkomen levensecht tegenspel zodat je niet anders kunt dan leren van de feedback die je op deze manier krijgt.

Lieve Lydia
We kwamen aan met al onze bagage. We vulden de ruimte, leger dan ik me vooraf voor kon stellen, met onszelf.
Gezamenlijk beleefden we (horen, zien en voelen) hoe iedereen haar/zijn eigen dans spel lied mocht creëren.
Ik ervoer een open uitnodiging die de verdrietigste, blijste, engste, leegste, Goddelijkste en smerigste zaken bespeelbaar maakte.
Ik had dit nodig en het was goed.
Bart Durand

Ondanks de weerstand, wist ik dat ik deze workshop moest gaan doen om mijn angst voor presenteren en groepen, aan te gaan en wellicht een doorbraak in te krijgen. Dit omdat ik workshops geef en ondanks dat ik dat dus regelmatig doe, ging die diepe angst maar niet weg. Ik moest wel echt ergens doorheen, maar dat heeft me zoveel opgeleverd! De volgende dag had ik bij de mijn eigen workshop totaal geen stress! Dank eigen intuïtie! En ik ben trots op mijn doorzettingsvermogen, want ik moest wel even ergens doorheen?. Lieve Lydia, dank voor de mooie begeleiding en deze bijzondere twee dagen!

“Lydia has a real understanding of the value of interactive and co-operative exercises. For me, personally, these have gently and enjoyably taken me outside of my comfort zone and made me closer and more relaxed in the group I am working with.”

Ik vond je workshop waardevol en leuk. Mijn doel was mijn spreken in het openbaar beter te laten overkomen bij het publiek. Het resultaat van jouw workshop was dat ik een aantal zaken heb geleerd hoe dit beter te doen. Door alle zintuigen te gebruiken en me bewust te zijn van wisselende gevoelens tijdens mijn verhaal en die ook te verwoorden, te laten meedoen. Ik ben nu op een conferentie in Zweden en kreeg net applaus van een volle zaal voor mijn voorstel!

Tijdens het optreden dat ik een maand geleden deed, bemerkte ik aanzienlijk meer ontspanning, beheersing en plezier op dan ik gewend was. Ik merkte dat ik op bepaalde momenten mezelf de ruimte gunde om vrij te bewegen en daar plezier in te hebben. Het vertrouwen dat daarvoor nodig is, heb ik echt aan de Empty Space workshops overgehouden.

Video Facilitator
lydia in red

Who is Lydia

trust builder
facilitator of Empty Space workshops
mime performer
life coach

Lydia is a skilled builder of trust

For a participant to take a step into the unknown, it will be crucial to be given the time and space in order to arrive, to come to an inner relaxation and trust with the other partakers of the workshop.
Only then might one be ready for the journey.

Lydia is a facilitator

During a Fools-workshop in the nineties, Franki Anderson introduced Lydia into Empty Space-work.
Nowadays Lydia facilitates this valuable method herself, seasoned with her inventivity.
Empty Space-work has enriched Lydia’s performing as an actress, it has also added insight into inner processes and how to express these. She aquiered ease in performing. To this day these workshops continue to feed towards authenticity.

Lydia is a mime performer

She has more than 30 years of experience, using this striking form of bodily expression, called Mime technique.
She finds the expression of the body the most interesting language, by which we unconciously communicate, always. Her fascination is to turn this physical acting into an art form.
In 1991 she co-founded ‘Vitrine Mimetheatre’. Performing demands creativity, it continues to bring joy and playfulness.
She now helps presentors, actors and actresses to delve deeper into their abilities to be expressive on the physical level.
Lydia performs, directs, facilitates private sessions for poets, speakers, teachers and performers.

Lydia is a training actress

Training sessions are concerned with improving communication skills.
Young professionals in a communication course, will be invited to describe a real life experience or a situation where they feel they have dealt with in an unsatisfactory way.
Lydia will then be asked to act out such a case study, to give the participant the opportunity to relive the situation and try a different approach. Thus enabling practice in a safe environment. After the scene, Lydia will give feedback from the perspective of the antagonist.
In so doing the participant receives a deeper insight, into the effect that his or her attitude has on the other, as well as into the motives and considerations of the antagonist.
It is very helpful for the group to watch each other deal with trying situations, also to get tips and honest feedback from their colleagues.
Lydia has trained with doctors, social workers, conductors on trains and trams.

Lydia is a lifecoach for

anyone who will be on a stage
the violinist desperate for a stance
the actor searching for more emotional variety
the lecturer, needing to relax whilst adressing his audience
the writer, director and poet
anyone interested in foolish play

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